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All tremble at punishment.
Life is dear to all.
Put yourself in the place of others;
kill none nor have another killed.
Dhammapada 130
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Vinaya Pitaka
[B] ¯eQXSeGk¥
[C] jskhmsgl
[S] วินยปิฏเก
[U] Vinaya Piṭaka
[V] Vinaya Pi.taka
[de] Der Korb der Regeln
[en] The Basket of the Discipline
[fr] La discipline
[ja] 律蔵
[ko] 율장
[pt] O Cesto do Vinaya
[si] jskh msglh
[th] วินัยปิฎก
[vi] Luật Tạng
[zh] 律藏
[zh-tw] 律藏

Vinaya Pitaka :: Monastic Code

Vinaya Pitaka (Unicode: Vinaya Piṭaka, Velthuis: Vinaya Pi.taka) is, literally, the "discipline basket". The word Vinaya means monastic code. This category of texts contains the code of ethics for the Buddha's ordained disciples. There are two sets of Vinaya rules, one each for the monks and the nuns.

The Vinaya Pitaka also contains monastic observances and regulations for all the five groups of ordained disciples. The five groups are

  1. Bhikkhu (monk, [ja] 比丘, [zh] 比丘, [zh-tw] 比丘): 227 rules + monastic observances and regulations
  2. Bhikkhuni (nun, [ja] 比丘尼, [zh] 比丘尼, [zh-tw] 比丘尼): 311 rules + monastic observances and regulations
  3. Samanera (novice monk, [ja] 沙弥, [zh] 沙弥, [zh-tw] 沙彌): 10 precepts + monastic observances and regulations
  4. Samaneri (novice nun, [ja] 沙弥尼, [zh] 沙弥尼, [zh-tw] 沙彌尼): 10 precepts + monastic observances and regulations
  5. Sikkhamana (nun-to-be, [zh] 式叉摩那, [zh-tw] 式叉摩那): 6 anudhammas + monastic observances and regulations

The order of ordination for men and women are, as follows:

In addition, the Vinaya Pitaka comprises a section which gives an account of the early history of Buddhism, in particular the formation of the early Sangha.

List of Books

  1. Paaraajika
  2. Paacittiya
  3. Mahaavagga
  4. Cuu.lavagga
  5. Parivaara

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