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As long as they live the arahants abstain from dancing, singing, instrumental music, and unsuitable shows, and from adorning themselves by wearing garlands and applying scents and ointments.
Anguttara Nikaya 8:41
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Digha Nikaya
[B] Of¨Qe¥akXa
[C] oS>ksldfhd
[S] ทีฆนิกายสฺส
[U] Dīgha Nikaya
[V] Diigha Nikaya
[de] Die längere Sammlung
[en] The Long Collection
[fr] Les Longs Discours
[ja] 長部
[ko] 장부
[pt] Os Discursos Longos
[si] oS> ksldh
[th] ทีฆนิกาย
[vi] Trường Bộ
[zh] 长部
[zh-tw] 長部

Diigha Nikaya :: Collection of Long Discourses

The Digha Nikaya contains a collection of 34 long suttas, which are in turn sorted into three vaggas. Located in the Digha Nikaya is the longest sutta in the Tipitaka, the Mahaparinibbana Sutta.

List of Suttas (Discourses/Sermons)

I. Siilakkhandha Vagga

  1. Brahmajaala Sutta
  2. Saama~n~naphala Sutta
  3. Amba.t.tha Sutta
  4. So.nada.n.da Sutta
  5. Kuu.tadanta Sutta
  6. Mahaali Sutta
  7. Jaaliya Sutta
  8. Mahaasiihanaada Sutta
  9. Po.t.thapaada Sutta
  10. Subha Sutta
  11. Keva.t.ta Sutta
  12. Lohicca Sutta
  13. Tevijja Sutta

II. Mahaa Vagga

  1. Mahaapadaana Sutta
  2. Mahaanidaana Sutta
  3. Mahaaparinibbaana Sutta
  4. Mahaasudassana Sutta
  5. Janavasabha Sutta
  6. Mahaagovinda Sutta
  7. Mahaasamaya Sutta
  8. Sakkapa~nha Sutta
  9. Mahaasatipa.t.thaana Sutta
  10. Paayaasi Sutta

III. Paathika Vagga

  1. Paathika Sutta
  2. Udumbarika Sutta
  3. Cakkavatti Sutta
  4. Agga~n~na Sutta
  5. Sampasaadaniiya Sutta
  6. Paasaadika Sutta
  7. Lakkha.na Sutta
  8. Si`ngaala Sutta
  9. Aa.taanaa.tiya Sutta
  10. Sa`ngiiti Sutta
  11. Dasuttara Sutta

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