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Well done is that action of doing
which one repents not later,
and the fruit of which,
one reaps with delight and happiness.
Dhammapada 68
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Sutta Pitaka
[B] ¹gMôSeGk¥
[S] สุตฺตนฺตปิฏเก
[U] Sutta Piṭaka
[V] Sutta Pi.taka
[de] Lehrreden Buddhas
[en] The Basket of Suttas
[fr] Le panier des suttas
[ja] 経蔵
[ko] 경장
[th] สุตตันตปิฏก
[vi] Kinh Tạng
[zh] 经藏
[zh-tw] 經藏

Sutta Pitaka :: Teachings

Sutta Pitaka (Unicode: Sutta Piṭaka, Velthuis: Sutta Pi.taka) is the collection of suttas, or discourses, attributed to the Buddha and a few of his closest disciples. The Sutta Pitaka is further divided in five Nikayas. The texts in each of the first four Nikayas are organised in a uniform manner, and are rather consistent in their literary forms. Each of the four main Nikayas has an accompanying commentary and subcommentary. The last Nikaya, Khuddaka Nikaya, is a collection of small texts of different forms or genres. The Khuddaka texts have only commentaries. This is illustrated in the following tables.

Nikaya Atthakatha (Commentary) Tika (Sub-commentary)
Digha Nikaya Sumangalavilasini Dighanikaya-tika
Majjhima Nikaya Papancasudani Majjhimanikaya-tika
Samyutta Nikaya Saratthappakasini Samyuttanikaya-tika
Anguttara Nikaya Manorathapurani Saratthamanjusa-tika
Khuddaka Nikaya see table below - n/a -
Khuddaka Text Atthakatha (Commentary)
Khuddakapatha Paramatthajotika
Dhammapada Dhammapadatthakatha
Udana Paramatthadipani
Itivutaaka Paramatthadipani
Suttanipata Paramatthajotika
Vimanavatthu Paramatthadipani
Petavatthu Paramatthadipani
Theragatha Paramatthadipani
Therigatha Paramatthadipani
Jataka Jatakatthakatha
Niddesa Saddhammapajjotika
Patisambhidamagga Saddhammapakasini
Apadana Visuddhajanavilasini
Buddhavamsa Madhuratthavilasini
Cariyapitaka Paramatthadipani
Nettippakarana - n/a -
Milindapanha - n/a -
Petakopadesa - n/a -

Evam me sutam (Unicode: evaṃ me sutaṃ, Velthuis: eva.m me suta.m) is the phrase which starts every sutta (in Digha and Majjhima) or set of suttas (in Samyutta and Anguttara). It is one of the most common phrases in the Nikayas. A search on the CSCD gives the following results:

Evam me sutam translated into different languages:

[de] Das hab' ich gehört
[en] Thus I have heard
[fr] J'ai entendu qu'à
[id] Demikianlah yang telah kami dengar
[ja] 如是我聞 (この様に私は聞いている)
[ko] 如是我聞 (이처럼내가 들었사오니)
[pt] Assim ouvi
[si] ud jsiska fufia wik ,os
[sr] Ovako sam čuo
[sv] Jag har hört
[th] ข้าพเจ้าได้สดับมาอย่างนี้
[vi] Như vậy töi nghe
[zh] 如是我闻
[zh-tw] 如是我聞

List of Nikayas (Collections)

  1. Diigha Nikaya
  2. Majjhima Nikaya
  3. Sa.myutta Nikaya
  4. A`nguttara Nikaya
  5. Khuddaka Nikaya

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