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Beings are owners of their actions, heirs of their actions; they originate from their actions, are bound to their actions, have their actions as their refuge. It is action that distinguishes beings as inferior and superior.
Majjhima Nikaya 135
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  1. Tikamaatikaa
  2. Dukamaatikaa

I. Cittuppaadaka.n.da

  1. Kaamaavacarakusala.m
  2. Ruupaavacarakusala.m
  3. Aruupaavacarakusala.m
  4. Tebhuumakakusala.m
  5. Abyaakatavipaako
  6. Lokuttaravipaaka-pa.thamamaggavipaakaa

II. Ruupaka.n.da

III. Nikkhepaka.n.da

IV. A.t.thakathaaka.n.da