Tipitaka Community Project: Pali Accelerated Learning Initiative


PALI or Pali Accelerated Learning Initiative is a community project by the Tipitaka Information Network aimed at helping new students to Pali, the language used to record and preserve Buddha's wisdom; His life, His acts and His words.

Project Objectives

The objectives of this project are as follow:

1. to promote the study of the Pali language in general, and the study and research on Pali Tipitaka in particular;

2. to offer a quick start-up educational package/programme for students of the Pali language and Tipitaka;

3. to record the progress of an ongoing Pali study conducted online at the Pali discussion group;

4. to act as a bridge between professional Pali academics and amateur Pali enthusiasts;

5. to provide free study materials and assistance for Pali students and enthusiasts;

6. to encourage, promote and support any other projects of similar nature.

What do You Need to Get Started?

You need a Pali font to read the Pali texts at this site. For most Pali students, it is only a matter of time that they start reading the Tipitaka in Pali. The most readily available computerised Pali Tipitaka is offered by VRI of India at http://www.tipitaka.org. Users require the VRI Pali fonts to browse the Pali canon. It will be both an advantage and a convenience for students to utilise the same set of fonts. More information are as follows:

VRI fonts: http://www.tipitaka.org/general/pali.html
Chattha Sangayana Tipitaka: http://www.tipitaka.org/tipitaka/booklistframe2.html

Organisation of This Site

1. Normal text will appear in Arial font.
2. Pali words and sentences will be in VRI font, while their English equivalent will be in Arial Italic.
3. Important keywords will be in boldface, some may be in hypertext format.

Recommended Reading

1. Pali Primer by Dr. Lily de Silva - http://www.tipitaka.net/store/subj04.htm

Want to Contribute or Need More Help?

We welcome your participation. Join the Pali discussion group @ http://www.tipitaka.net/maillist.htm.

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